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AONE REAL ESTATE has been created to help people in Buying the right property.

We very well know how hard it can be to find the right property, whether we consider it be your home forever or any property investment. That is the reason AONE REAL ESTATE is there; we are here to help you with all the complicated steps involved related to property buying like searching, inspecting and negotiating, so you don’t have to. We are here on the ground to do the fieldwork for you.

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We as your Buyer Agent

In recent years the real estate world has changed quite a bit. It takes more time and effort than ever before to source out the right property as per your requirements. It is the time to get a professional to help you out in each step of the purchase. The demand is mostly higher than the supply, and the average person is generally left either missing out or paying over fair market value. This is where we as buying agents come in to play to help you, as a buyer.

As a Buyer’s Agent, we work exclusively with home buyers and committed to providing our clients with the best possible buying services, and have an overall goal to help our clients to succeed in the real estate market, whether it be buying home or investment.

We as a Buyer’s Agent:

  • Properly understanding your property requirement, needs and goals.
  • Finding best-matched properties for you out of all of the available properties.
  • Making use of our extensive local network to give you access to all of the properties available. Be it on the market, off-market, pre-market, post-market.
  • To schedule the inspections at your convenience.
  • To provide you with the unbiased feedback related to each property.
  • To do research and gather information specifically for you.
  • Estimating a fair market value so we are able to negotiate the best price for you.
  • To help you to navigate through the entire buying process.
  • To perform a final inspection of the property with you before the closing day to ensure everything is in order.

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