Property Management

AONE REAL ESTATE delivers professional property management services to interested customers. We feel pride in our ‘proper’ property management! Whilst our company have been assigned with many properties and has helped many customers, you can be assured that our Property Managers have exceptional experience and we provide dedicated support including assistants, active managers, and only manage a few numbers of properties each to ensure so they can provide you with personalised service and always act in your best interests.

Having been experienced in a rental property we feel and confidently say that we understand the issues that are important to you as a property investor. Our objective at all times is to deliver to you the highest standard of service in every regard, without ever losing sight of the importance of personal contact.

We are known for:

We have experienced property managers but that’s only part of it, and we have highlighted a number of other reasons why we are so well suited to help you.
  • To do marketing your property to reduce vacancy periods and attract the best quality tenants.
  • Searching reliable and quality tenants who will make rent payments on time and look after your property and educating those tenants regarding the expectations.
  • Serve as quality financial management and reporting.
  • Paying attention to details including regular inspections, reporting, attending to maintenance and providing you with up to date information.
  • A quick and easy application so that we start screening for your winning tenant.
  • Having ample knowledge of all aspects of Property Management.

We’d like to talk to you more about managing your property, so please feel free to Contact us to discuss in more detail.

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Who Do We Help?

Property Owners

We boast of our excellent communication and customer guidance. We ensure that Property Owners’ property is managed in a way so that they get the tenants who are punctual to make payments and look after the property.


In addition to Property Owners, our tenants are also valued to us – we find our business incomplete without them. We do treat every tenant with due respect and ensure that their problems/issues they face related to the property are resolved quickly.

Property Managers

Are you looking for an experienced property manager to help you by joining your team? We are there to help you out in this as you partner with us, we ensure that your clients are treated with best advice, service and desirable results.